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BINLONG  belts can be manufactured by becoming a member of Classical V-belts. Every single band might have the specified variety of belts. We suggested greatest of 5 belts in 1 tie-band.



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Punched belts are advised below subsequent situations
•  Severe vibrations
•  Vertical shaft drives
•  V-flat drives
•  Agricultural drives
•  Conveyer programs
•  Stone crushers, reciprocating compressors, CZPT sets, pumps cold forging device and so on

All BINLONG Banded belts are large energy belts. Even though using these belts it is constantly advised to use standard pulleys with a appropriate guard. Appropriate belt sitting can only be obtained if the pitch taken care of for the belts and that of pulleys is the very same. We suggest that the client need to get again to us with information ahead of employing banded belts to enable us to provide the greatest solution. Poor layout using banded belts can direct to untimely failure of the travel system.

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Packing Specifics : Packing, carton , Bags
Delivery Details : 15-twenty days 


Q: Are you investing firm or manufacturer ?

A: We are manufacturing facility.

Q: How lengthy is your shipping and delivery time?

A: Typically it is 5-10 days if the merchandise are in inventory. or it is 15-twenty days if the merchandise are not in inventory, it is in accordance to quantity.

Q: Do you give samples ? is it free or extra ?

A: Sure, we could offer the sample for totally free charge but do not pay the value of freight.

Q: What is your phrases of payment ?

A: Payment=1000USD, 30% T/T in CZPT ,harmony ahead of shippment.



Sorts of V-Belt Drives

When evaluating drive systems, you may want to think about a V-Belt. Not only can it increase the efficiency of an older drive, but it can preserve you time and cash in the prolonged operate. Industry standard V-belts are inclined to failing since of excessive wear, heat cracks, and stretching. Inefficient and downtime resulting from frequent retensioning and replacement can value your company each time and funds.


A cross-belt for a V-Belt is a belt that is utilised in a conveyor method. This belt is made up of two components: an elastomer core and a fabric protect. The elastomer main is typically created of high-shock-resistant polyurethane. Various makers have various synthetic rubber shares, which might be employed to avoid untimely failure and increase the working temperature variety of the belt. Ideally, a nicely-engineered V-belt is rigid in the width and versatile alongside the size of the belt. The cloth handles are generally created of two distinct types of rubber, such as compression and cushion rubber.
The diameter of the driver and driven pulleys are critical concerns for selecting the right cross-belt for a V-belt. This will determine the belt length. The size ought to be proportional to the diameter of the generate shaft. Smaller diameters are greater for smaller belts, which can improve elongation, which decreases the daily life of the belt. Larger diameters, on the other hand, can enhance slippage, fluctuating drive, and energy loss.
Choosing the correct V-belt for your vehicle is important, especially if you might be replacing a worn-out 1. In some cases, the aged V-belt could grow to be also loose or a loop with a rubber-coated edge. You ought to measure the size of the belt just before you purchase it. Using a adaptable english measuring tape, you can determine which dimension is ideal for your automobile.
A cross-belt can enhance electricity transmission by reducing slipping. It also supplies shock-absorption and boosts the load potential of the V-belt. It is the very best choice for hefty-duty machines in which torque and electricity are critical. In some programs, this belt might be much more efficient than an open up belt. If you use it for quick distances, a cross-belt can be a far better selection.
When selecting a V-belt, make positive to verify the energy ratio. The electrical power of a belt relies upon on the original rigidity used to it. Also, the friction in between the two mating surfaces is a element. A V-belt with a higher electrical power density is not ideal for close-heart programs. You can choose a slim V-belt if you need a slim belt for your equipment.


The V-belt is a adaptable belt utilised in numerous industrial purposes. Advancements in engineering have led to several distinct sorts of V-belts. Whether or not it really is a U-shaped belt or a double-sided V-belt, suitable installation and routine maintenance are crucial for difficulties-totally free operation. Beneath are some widespread V-belt specs. Study on to learn much more! The U-shaped V-belt is a single of the most common.
A V-belt is a versatile, pliable device aspect employed to transmit electricity amongst two or more rotating shafts. Its cross-area is trapezoidal, so that as the pressure increases on one particular facet, the belt wedges into the groove on the reverse facet. The increased friction among the two factors final results in a substantial torque transmission and minimal power loss from slippage. U-formed V-belts are ideal for a variety of applications, from garden mowers to vehicles.
The U-shaped V-belt is produced of two areas: an elastomer core and a textile go over. The core is made from a versatile substance with higher flexural strength and shock resistance. The protect is created of textile material that is treated to produce a chemical bond with the belt’s main materials. This helps make it pliable and strong while stopping the include from turning into worn out or damaged.
As opposed to flat belts, U-shaped V-belts are made to fit into a U-formed sheave, which will increase their lateral rigidity. They also keep their stability beneath shock and vibration hundreds. Their simplicity helps make installation and tensioning much easier. The constructional parts of a standard V-belt are illustrated in Determine 9. Every ingredient has a important part in the belt’s performance. In the same way, different materials can influence the belt’s efficiency.
As with any belt, proper tension is essential. Possessing a unfastened belt causes slippage and quick put on, which robs you of vitality and productiveness. Similarly, too a lot pressure can trigger premature belt put on. Appropriate rigidity is defined as the cheapest amount at which the belt does not slip or squeal below peak load. This pressure range can even now operate a generate, so it is critical to find the appropriate stress for your specific software.


There are a lot of rewards of a Cogged V-Belt. Its added-thick construction permits for bends around smaller pulleys. It also operates cooler and lasts for a longer time than a classic V-belt. In addition, it has a larger coefficient of friction than a wrapped V-belt. Cogged V-Belts can also resist warmth, making them an exceptional choice for high-temperature purposes.
A cogged V-Belt is also less very likely to experience from warmth buildup, which can shorten the daily life of a common belt and enhance downtime and substitution charges. A Cogged V-Belt is more high-priced than a wrap-molded belt, but it will shell out for itself in as small as one particular month. Most synchronous belt conversions shell out for by themselves in much less than two many years. A more time payback time is typical with a more substantial method.
Cogged V-Belts are employed in a lot of programs, such as in-line conveyors, gantry cranes, and wind turbines. The belt itself is composed of numerous sorts of rubber and reinforcements. They bear tensile and compressive stresses as each and every section of the belt passes by means of the pulley. Consequently, a distinct kind of materials is necessary for the base facet of the belt. The perfect content for this region ought to have a substantial coefficient of friction and increased dress in resistance.
The Cogged V-Belt has a trapezium-formed cross-area. The material go over resists warmth and abrasion and assists shield the inner parts of the v-belt. The distinct kinds of materials utilised in the fabric go over are patented. In some instances, the fabric protect is created of Kevlar or aramid fiber. This allows for scaled-down pulley diameters and much more versatility.
A Cogged V-Belt is created of two parts of substance. A single is thick and involves a pitch line even though the other has a slack facet. The prime is thicker and broader, even though the base facet has a decrease pitch line. The slack aspect has a significantly less pitch and much more stress. Making use of a Cogged V-Belt will enhance your productivity and aid you save income.


The Wedge V-Belt is one particular of the most well-known types of generate belts offered. The patented, slim-profile design allows for lighter, thinner belts with greater transmission abilities. The HY-T V-Belt is built with Vytacord stress users for strength and dimensional steadiness, and contains a cushion created of engineered rubber compound. This belt is perfect for higher-pace, large-resistance purposes, these kinds of as compressors, stone mills, and centrifugal pumps.
HY-T CZPT(r) belts have a steady V-part, and a extensive angle of flexibility. They supply torsional rigidity in lengthy-center drives and are resistant to oil. The CZPT(r) belt is available in lengths up to 140 inches. Its cost-free ribs wedge into the sheave groove to minimize belt whipping. This belt is also made to match into new styles and purposes, so it really is compatible with nearly any kind of generate.
The Wedge V-Belt is a common selection in industrial purposes. Its slender profile decreases generate excess weight and area, permitting for higher horsepower. In addition, it can carry a larger load than a standard V belt. Its minimal value and large efficiency make it a popular decision for several industrial applications. In addition to industrial settings, it is a popular selection in automotive and development programs. While it may seem like a complicated belt style, the Wedge V-Belt is best for industrial use.
Wedge V-Belts have the exact same speak to angle as the conventional v-belt, but have a slim higher width. Their narrower upper width decreases their excess weight, which equalizes the pressure on the tensile wire. The wedge-formed style improves grip and boosts wedge effect. Its longevity is outstanding, and it also attributes a cog condition for increased gripping energy.
Wedge V-Belts are an effective way to transmit electricity between two drives. They can go important loads and can achieve really high speeds. The wedged shape of the belt allows it to wedge into the groove when the load increases. In addition, it minimizes energy loss thanks to slippage. If you want to get the most out of a Wedge V-Belt, make sure it is made of a materials that resists warmth and moisture.

China manufacturer Punched Belts     with high qualityChina manufacturer Punched Belts     with high quality